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Classic 1970s Genesis performed live with a spectacular light show

G2 Definitive Genesis play Genesis music from across the 1970s, tending towards the 4 man era. Peter Gabriel had just left the band, an unknown Phil Collins stepped up to the microphone. Take a little trip back....

What's New:
  • New Gigs Booked: Another autumn 2014 show just announced: Sevenoaks - check the Show Dates page for details
  • Questions for our next Mailshot - If you've got a burning question for any member of G2 that you thought you couldn't ask, nows your chance! We're going to devote a section of the next mailshot to giving you our answers to the best ones. The funnier / weirder the better! Send them to g2bandinfo@gmail.com. If you're not already getting it, there's a signup form for the mailing list at the bottom of the Contacts page.